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Can Lights & Downlights

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Can lights and downlights cast a narrow light beam downward for general lighting or accent lighting. Also known as pot lights, they bring light into corners, along corridors, and within reception areas where panels, troffers, and wraps would be too large. Can lighting illuminates multifamily housing, hospitality, retail, office, and healthcare settings. Retrofit trim modules upgrade traditional can lights to LED or add a light source to LED-ready housings. Canless LED downlights mount into cutouts from below the ceiling to simplify installation when a can housing isn't required. Surface-mount LED downlights attach to ceiling surfaces to give the look of can lights where access above the ceiling is limited. Recessed LED downlight housings have full canister housings either with a light source to ensure a match between components or without a light source for flexibility to select and update trim modules. Traditional-bulb downlight housings use incandescent or halogen bulbs.