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Bay Lights

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Bay lights deliver bright, uniform illumination from high ceilings or open trusses to floors and work surfaces below. They mount at greater heights than other types of overhead indoor lighting fixtures to illuminate warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, hangars, big-box stores, and other large, open spaces. Mounting height (high or low bay), height of the work plane (floor or elevated surface), light distribution (narrow to wide), and lumen output are key factors for selecting a bay light. High bay lights mount at heights greater than 20 ft. and typically concentrate light in a narrow beam so light can reach the work plane. Low bay lights (sometimes called shop lights) mount at heights up to 20 ft. Round bay lights replace fixtures of the same shape to match existing lighting layouts. Linear bay lights have a long body for more coverage per fixture than round bay lights. LED bay lights use less energy and typically last longer than other technologies, reducing maintenance and downtime.