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Lighting Fixtures & Retrofit Kits

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Lighting fixtures and retrofit kits hard wire into an electrical system to supply light in indoor settings. Fixtures with traditional light technology (such as fluorescent or incandescent) do not include light bulbs. LED fixtures are integrated luminaires with built-in LED arrays, so they have no bulbs to install or replace. They use less energy and typically last longer than other technologies. Fixtures for general lighting of large areas include panels and troffers for grid ceilings, surface-mount fixtures for drywall surfaces, and bay lights for rafters or open trusses. Fixtures for smaller areas and more upscale lighting include can, track, decorative, and cove lights. Other fixtures are for specific settings (such as hazardous locations, high-abuse areas, and healthcare) or specific applications (such as disinfection or plant growth). Retrofit kits convert existing fixtures to LED or more energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs without having to switch out the entire fixture.

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