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Light Bulbs & Lamps

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Light bulbs and lamps install into compatible fixtures to add or replace a light source. Linear bulbs are straight, tubular lamps with a base on each end to fit wraparound, strip, and suspension-mount fixtures. Standard and decorative bulbs supply light for various office, hospitality, and residential fixtures. Spot, reflector, and flood light bulbs provide intense light output for can, track, and security lights. High-output HID and LED bulbs produce bright light for retail and commercial spaces, jobsites, and large, open areas. Miniature bulbs typically fit into tight spaces for specialized applications. Plug-in CFL and LED bulbs have a pin base that fits a matching socket on a compatible fixture. U-bend bulbs fit their arched tube into troffers and other fixtures with limited bulb space while providing illumination similar to linear bulbs. Circular bulbs emit a full circle of light for uniform distribution.