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Linear Light Bulbs & Lamps

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Linear light bulbs and lamps are straight, tube-shaped bulbs with bases on both ends that are installed in a compatible fixture to provide area or accent lighting. General purpose bulbs provide everyday lighting in large spaces such as office buildings, warehouses, and factories. Shatter-resistant bulbs have a coating that keeps broken bits of the bulb contained if the bulb breaks or bursts. UV-blocking bulbs produce little or no UV light and are used in areas where there are items that would be damaged by UV exposure. Germicidal bulbs emit UV-C light that kills bacteria, viruses, and molds. Blacklight bulbs produce UV-A light that reveals things that are impossible to see under standard lighting. Grow, plant, and aquarium bulbs emit light that stimulates plant growth or prevents the growth of algae and bacteria. Cooler and freezer bulbs tolerate very cold temperatures and are used for lighting refrigerated and freezer cases, walk-in freezers, and cold storage areas.