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Light Bulbs & Lamps

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Light bulbs and lamps install into light fixtures to provide general area lighting or more focused lighting for specific applications. Standard light bulbs fit a large variety of light fixtures. Linear light bulbs are straight, tube-shaped bulbs with bases on both ends. U-bend light bulbs are tubed-shaped linear bulbs that have been bent into a U shape to allow them to fit into fixtures where there is limited space for a bulb. Circline and plug-in (PL) bulbs plug into matching sockets on compatible light fixtures. Miniature light bulbs are small enough to fit in tight spaces and don't draw a lot of energy. Decorative bulbs have eye-catching shapes, colors, and other features. Spot, flood, and reflector light bulbs and lamps direct light through the top of the bulb to increase the bulb's light output and shape the beam of light.