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Flashlights are portable light sources that temporarily supplement fixtures or illuminate areas where other lighting is unavailable or impractical. They provide light for emergencies, nighttime navigation, maintenance, security patrols, and more. Handheld flashlights supply personal lighting to navigate dark or dimly lit areas and shine light into unlit cabinets and enclosures. Headlamps and helmet lights attach to a worker's head or hard hat and aim a light beam forward while keeping both hands free to work. Penlights and inspection lights shine a small, focused light beam onto specific areas or into tight spaces. Lanterns and spotlights provide more illumination than handheld flashlights, shining light over a wider area or to a greater distance. Weapon-mounted flashlights attach to firearms and provide illumination for accurate targeting. Hand crank and power outage flashlights are ready for use without the worry of depleted batteries.