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Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts

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Electronic fluorescent ballasts can replace burnt-out electronic or magnetic ballasts in fluorescent lighting fixtures. They are more efficient than magnetic ballasts and do not hum or cause lights to flicker. These ballasts are compatible with switches, occupancy sensors, and other lighting controls that turn lights on or off but do not dim their light output. Electronic ballasts protect light bulbs from damaging power fluctuations that can reduce the quality of the bulbs' light output. They provide an initial spike of high voltage to turn on light bulbs and then regulate the current to the bulbs for as long as they are on. Replacement ballasts should have the same voltage and start type as the old ballast, be able to power the number and type of bulbs that are used in the fixture, and be capable of fitting into the fixture.
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Programmed Rapid Start Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts

Programmed Rapid Start Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts
Programmed rapid-start electronic fluorescent ballasts turn on lights near-instantaneously. They are more energy efficient and less damaging to fluorescent light bulbs than instant-start ballasts and rapid-start ballasts. They are used in lighting fixtures that will be turned on or off frequently via occupancy sensors and other lighting controls that automatically operate the lights. The ballasts provide a small amount of voltage to preheat the bulbs' filaments before the bulbs turn on. This small initial voltage is supplied for a specific amount of time to avoid glow current, which can damage the light bulbs.
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