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Soil Testing

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Soil testing equipment is used in farming, construction, and civil engineering projects. Compaction and density gauges are used to determine the compaction of soil in road building and construction of foundations of buildings. Dredges take samples from the bottoms of lakes, rivers, ponds, or tanks. Moisture testers measure the amount of moisture in soil. Soil auger kits drill holes in soil. Soil core sampling kits capture soil samples for lab testing. Soil gas/vapor probe kits take gas and vapor samples form soil. Soil grinders are used in place of a soil mortar and pestle to prepare soil samples to designated particle size. Soil testers are used for measuring soil fertility and chemical content. Soil testing penetrometers measure the amount of force needed to push a rod through soil. Soil testing probes check soil for pipes and take soil samples at shallow depths. Water level testers help determine water levels in environmental and industrial applications.