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Plastic Lab Containers

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Plastic lab containers hold liquid, solid, and powder samples and media. Plastic is more impact resistant than glass. Plastic is also well suited for low temperatures but can sometimes leech chemicals. Bottles have a mouth that is narrower than the bottle for storing and pouring liquids. Jars have openings the same width as the body so powders and solids can be accessed. Wash bottles have flexible sides for squirting liquids. Beakers have a wide mouth for mixing solutions. Carboys, jerricans, and jugs store large amounts of liquid. Flasks have a wide body and narrow neck to limit vapor loss. Plastic vials hold and store liquid and powder samples and media and have lids to keep contents contained and prevent contamination. Plastic centrifuge tubes, culture tubes, and test tubes hold samples when performing specific tests. Graduated cylinders precisely measure liquids. Cuvettes hold liquid specimens in spectroscopes.