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Lab Utensils & Trays

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Lab utensils and trays hold equipment and support laboratory testing needs. Scoops and spoons transfer powders and solids from storage bins. Dippers obtain samples from large vats or lakes and streams. Brushes clean glassware and plasticware. Scrapers, spatulas, and paddles mix and spread small samples. Tongs and forceps protect hands from hot glassware and grasp small items. Funnels direct liquids and powders into vessels to limit spills. Sampling lances take core samples from large containers of powder to ensure product consistency. Trays hold and organize bottles and instruments to make them easy to move around the lab. Crucibles and heating bowls are suitable for use over open flame and high heat. Mortars and pestles grind samples into powders. Stir bars and retrievers work with magnetic stirrers to stir liquids.