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Magnetic Stirrers, Hot Plates & Hot Plate Stirrers

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Magnetic stirrers, hot plates, and hot plate stirrers heat substances and keep contents moving to prevent scorching and separation. Magnetic stirrers gently and thoroughly stir the contents of a laboratory vessel to prevent separation and ensure solutions are thoroughly combined. Hot plates gently warm contents. Hot plate stirrers can be used to stir, heat, or stir and heat simultaneously.
Number of Positions

Multiposition Hot Plate Stirrers

Multiposition Hot Plate Stirrers
Multiposition hot plate stirrers process one or more vessels simultaneously to ensure consistent processing when performing high-precision testing. Hot plate stirrers heat, mix, or heat and mix solutions simultaneously. They save workbench space over individual lab stirrers and hot plates. Stirring heated contents ensures heat is more evenly distributed and can help prevent scorching.

Ceramic Plate

Ceramic is chemical resistant and provides uniform heating. It is less prone to cracking than glass and has a slightly textured surface that could result in make cleaning more difficult than glass.


Stainless Steel Plate

Stainless Steel is durable, chemical resistant, and suitable for high-temperature applications.


Aluminum Plate

Aluminum conducts heat well and is suitable for applications requiring rapid heating or cooling. Aluminum is lighter than ceramic, glass, and stainless steel and is easy to clean.

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