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Hydraulic Valves & Flow Control

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Hydraulic valves and flow control products direct and distribute hydraulic fluid through a system to regulate the speed, force, and direction of generated motion. Hydraulic cartridge valves are compact slip-in valves used to control a system's transmission of fluids through a circuit. Hydraulic flow dividers ensure synchronized motion with even fluid flow rates from a single source to multiple actuators. Hydraulic ball valves manually stop the flow of hydraulic fluid in a circuit. Hydraulic check valves ensure accurate directional flow of hydraulic fluid through a circuit. Hydraulic stack valves combine multiple valve functions in a compact, modular design. Hydraulic manifold valves control hydraulic fluid flow and pressure in a compact single unit. Hydraulic selector valves meter, control, and shutoff hydraulic flow to multiple circuits. Hydraulic manual spool monoblock valves combine or alternate the flow path of hydraulic fluid from a source to one or more actuators. Hydraulic pressure relief valves limit pressure in hydraulic system components. Hydraulic pressure control valves regulate the output force of an actuator by throttling the amount of pressure transmitted from the energy source. Hydraulic flow control valves maintain specified fluid flow rates to ensure optimum hydraulic system and component performance.