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Hydraulic Rams

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Hydraulic rams (sometimes called hydraulic cylinder rams, porta powers, and hydraulic jacks) are used to lift and support heavy loads. They are used with hydraulic pumps up to 10,000 psi and can be installed on a fixture or used standalone with hand or foot pumps. Hollow hydraulic rams can be used with a threaded rod for pushing, pulling, tensioning, and testing applications. Locking rams have a lock nut that can be tightened to safely support loads for short periods of time. Telescopic rams are extended in multiple stages, allowing the ram to lift loads higher than standard rams. Hydraulic ram machine lifts have a lip that is placed under a piece of machinery to lift the machine off the ground. Separate parts using pull rams that use opposing forces to separate stuck parts and ram spreaders that drive a wedge between two surfaces to lift, separate, or spread parts. Hydraulic nut splitters break apart corroded or frozen nuts to free the bolt.
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