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Hydraulic Rams & Tools

Available493 products
Hydraulic rams and tools attach to a hydraulic power source to apply large amounts of force required when supporting heavy loads, spreading and pulling apart press-fit parts, and tightening and loosening fasteners. Hydraulic rams are installed on a fixture or use hand or foot pumps to lift and support heavy loads. Machine lifts support heavy machinery so it can be moved or placed where needed. Hydraulic spreaders have wedges that are inserted between two flat surfaces to lift, separate, or pry parts. Pullers apply pressure to pull apart press-fit parts such as gears and pulleys. Hydraulic torque wrenches tighten and loosen bolts found on pipe and industrial equipment. Nut splitters apply pressure to break apart frozen or rusted nuts. Maintenance sets contain the items necessary straighten and bend workpieces and perform other general maintenance tasks.