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Roof & Attic Ventilation Fans

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Roof and attic ventilation fans mount to the roof or attic and provide supply and exhaust air to a structure or HVAC system. Upblast exhaust fans direct exhaust air away from their mounting surface. They are commonly used for kitchens and similar environments. Downblast exhaust and supply fans can function as both intakes and exhausts for a structure. They are commonly used for grease-free, general ventilation applications. Filtered supply fans provide fresh, filtered air to help balance building air pressure. Wind-driven turbine exhaust fans exhaust hot attic air in summer and moisture-laden air in winter. The turbine rotates as the wind blows to draw inside air up and out. Attic exhaust fans mount into the ceiling, gable, or roof to exhaust hot or stale air. Whole house fans draw fresh air into a building to cool and refresh the indoor space. Roof and attic ventilation fan accessories and parts include parts for installing and maintaining fans or improving their functionality.