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Blowers & Air Movers

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Blowers and air movers are used in applications where a targeted airstream is required. Blowers move air using a centrifugal wheel that allows them to overcome higher static pressures and a housing that directs the airstream at a 90° angle from the intake. Inline blowers have a square housing with mounting flanges that mount directly in line with the ductwork in a ventilation system. Plenum fans come without a housing and use a centrifugal wheel with airfoil impellers to pressurize the surrounding plenum for general HVAC applications where large volumes of air are required at low to moderate pressures. Portable air movers provide directional airflow at the location where it is needed. They are commonly used for drying carpets and other areas after floods or other water damage events. Wheels, parts and accessories are used to install, maintain, and repair blowers.