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Air Curtains

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Air curtains create an air-based barrier that reduces heat transfer between spaces and helps block the passage of airborne contaminants or insects. Standard air curtains install above doorways and generate a wall of fast-moving air across the opening. Recess-mounted air curtains can be installed flush with the ceiling surface, hiding the air curtain's body and maintaining a pleasing appearance. Sanitation-certified air curtains are installed above doorways and meet health standards for use in kitchens, labs, and other areas where health codes are a consideration. Drive-thru window air curtains fit in the limited space above a drive-thru window and keep dust, pests, and other contaminants out of the food prep area. Modular air curtain cabinets and blowers work together and allow users to create customized air curtains to suit their needs. Air curtain parts and accessories replace damaged or worn parts, help with installation, or add new functionality to existing components.