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Gas Wall & Ceiling Heaters

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Gas wall and ceiling heaters mount on walls and ceilings to provide supplementary or primary heat without taking up floorspace. They're fueled by natural gas or propane. Suspended gas wall and ceiling unit heaters suspend from a bracket or threaded rod and provide intermittent or continuous heating in large areas, such as factories, warehouses, stock rooms, service stations, and garages. Recessed gas wall heaters recess in walls and are ideal for small areas. Surface-mount electric wall and ceiling heaters are placed on walls and ceilings in small spaces, such as garages, small shops, homes, and trailers. Suspended infrared gas wall and ceiling heaters use infrared radiant heating and are generally used in open spaces like warehouses and ice rinks where it's not practical to heat the entire space. Gas wall and ceiling heater accessories enhance the functionality of these heaters.