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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

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Shell and tube heat exchangers transfer heat between fluids using a series of heat tubes surrounded by an outer shell. This design makes them less likely to clog and can handle high temperatures and pressures with limited pressure drop. They are commonly used to heat or cool water and oil or condense steam into water.

U-Tube Heat Exchangers

U-Tube Heat Exchangers

U-tube heat exchangers feature tubes that run from one end to the other, turn around, and exit at the same end they came in. Their tube bundle is designed to be a dual-pass heat exchanger where one of the fluids runs the length of the exchanger twice. This design is suited for higher temperature differentials as it gives more dwell time and allows for thermal expansion of the tubes as they are only connected to the shell at one end. Their tube bundles are easily removed for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

Carbon Steel Shell and Copper Tubes

U-Tube Heat Exchangers
Replacement Bundles
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