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FRIGIDAIRE GALLERY Window Air Conditioners

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Window air conditioners cool a single room or small area of a building and install in a double- or single-hung window, so they won't take up floor space. They blow cooled air directly from the unit, so they don't require a connection to ducts. These units can be removed from a window after the cooling season and stored until needed. They're used for seasonal cooling or to supplement central AC systems. They have a leakage current detector interrupter (LCDI) that senses current leakage and interrupts a circuit to help prevent injuries and damage to equipment or surroundings. Some units have Seacoast corrosion protection, which is a coating on an air conditioner’s coils that withstands corrosive agents such as salt water sprays. Coated coils typically last longer than uncoated coils in coastal areas and other harsh environments.

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