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Door Guards, Sweeps and Weatherstripping

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Door guards, sweeps, and weatherstripping install onto doors to protect them from break-ins and vandalism and to block out unwanted elements from entering a room or building. Door kick plates prevent scuffs, dings, and other damage to the bottom of doors. Door latch guards and rod covers prevent door latches, latch bolts, and vertical rods from being tampered with or damaged. Door hole covers and filler plates strengthen and reinforce locks. Door edge and frame guards protect doors and frames from impact, wear and tear, and rough use. Door bottoms attach to the lower edge of doors and prevent unwanted dirt, debris, pests, and inclement weather from entering buildings and rooms. Door weatherstripping and drip guards are used for temporary or permanent barriers that prevent wind, rain, and inclement weather from entering buildings and rooms. Protector bars for door handles and exit devices prevent damage to door operating devices and hardware such as handles, levers, and knobs.