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Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor furniture is highly durable and resistant to sun, wind, rain, and snow exposure. Picnic tables withstand outdoor conditions and feature integrated seating to accommodate guests, employees, visitors, students, and faculty congregating or enjoying a meal outside. Outdoor benches can install in fixed locations to provide seating for multiple individuals. Bike racks secure bikes to prevent theft. Bleachers provide rows of tiered seating to allow spectators a clear line of sight at events. Stadium chairs attach to existing benches for added comfort. Patio umbrellas and bases provide targeted shade in outdoor spaces and can be moved where needed. Exterior sun shades attach to windows and awnings to provide retractable shade as the angle of the sun changes throughout the day. Patio furniture provides outdoor seating and dining solutions for outdoor living and recreational facilities. Planters provide an above-ground container for cultivating organic plants and flowers.