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Office, Task & Drafting Chairs & Accessories

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Office chairs provide comfort and support while working at desks and tables. Office, task, and executive chairs are height-adjustable and used in business settings, such as cubicles, reception desks, and executive suites. Drafting chairs are taller than other office chairs, height-adjustable, and used with elevated worksurfaces, such as drafting desks and countertops. 24-hour intensive-use office chairs are ergonomic, durable, withstand prolonged work sessions, and are highly adjustable to accommodate different seating styles. Kneeling and active chairs facilitate unique sitting positions that engage muscles, promote good posture, improve circulation, and burn calories while sitting. Chair mats cover and protect floors from scratches, gouging, and fraying carpet fibers caused by casters. Art benches provide seating for crafting and making art in classrooms and studios. Chair parts and accessories replace broken components on office chairs and enhance seating comfort.