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Office Desks & Workstations

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Office desks and workstations are mobile or stationary dedicated work surfaces used in commercial, healthcare, education, and industrial facilities. Fixed-height office desks and components provide a workspace while seated. Adjustable-height desks raise and lower by hand or push button to accommodate sitting and standing preferences. Standing desk converters sit on top of fixed work surfaces to hold computer equipment and convert them into an adjustable desk. Cubicle workstations and privacy panels limit visual distractions, dampen excess ambient noise, and help prevent the spread of airborne germs in offices and work environments. Laptop and mobile computer carts are mobile workstations that hold computers and computer equipment. Open-frame computer workstations have slots for adjusting desktop height and attaching accessories. Desk hardware and accessories replace worn parts and attach to workstations of compatible mounting styles to improve the overall function of a desk.