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Food & Beverage Processing Supplies

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Food and beverage processing supplies assist with transferring, cutting, dragging, breaking down, and preparing items. Hygienic tools meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) requirements for handling or coming into contact with food and beverage products. Hygienic shovels handle large quantities of dry and semi-dry food products and waste materials. Hygienic hand and bowl scoops move small volumes of dry, liquid, and liquid-based food products. Hygienic scrapers and hoes push, cut, break apart, or move food products and waste materials. Hygienic mixing paddles combine, stir, and move liquid and liquid-based food products stored in containers or vats. Hygienic rakes and forks pierce, lift, drag, and move food products and waste material. Hygienic dairy pails hold and transfer milk and other dairy products. Food processing cutlery and shears cut, break down, and prepare food products.