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Furnishings, Appliances & Hospitality

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Furnishings, appliances, and hospitality supplies enhance the overall function and occupant experience of a restaurant, office, or hotel. Appliances assist in cooking, cleaning, or entertaining in commercial or residential settings. Concession equipment prepares and serves food at corporate events, school socials, community events, or as a perk to employees. Furniture provides a place for customers and employees a place to sit, work, relax, eat, or sleep. Ceiling tiles work with hanging hardware to create suspended ceilings for indoor spaces, and can also be used to decrease the size of the occupied space, reducing the load on the HVAC system. Hospitality supplies equip hotels with fresh linens and amenities to accommodate guests' needs. Flooring resists wear, stains, and soil in business or office spaces. Food service and food processing equipment sort, move, prepare, and package food products in industrial food processing facilities. Customers and employees use sports and recreational equipment to exercise and play team sports.