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Flush Valves

Grainger has a large selection of flush valves suitable for use in public restroom retrofits and in new construction. Manual flush valves and urinal valves are designed to deliver a precise amount of water with every flush so that your toilets and urinals function efficiently. Double flush, toilet flush valves are engineered to help you conserve water by allowing half flushes for liquid waste, and full flushes for solid waste. You can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination in public restrooms with these automatic flush valves featuring hands-free automatic flushing. The auto flush feature helps ensure no human waste or odor is left behind on fixtures. Automatic flush valve retrofit kits let you upgrade manual toilet and urinal valves to the automatic flushing feature. We also have bedpan washer kits and retrofit kits that are for use where flush valves are installed and for replacing older in-line bedpan washers.