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Vehicle Lubricants & Fluids

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Antifreeze and coolants protect vehicles from extreme temperatures and prohibit corrosion in radiators. Brake fluids prevent moisture-related corrosion and damage from road debris in braking system. Diesel exhaust fluids (DEF) help SCR diesel engines meet EPA standards. Engine and motor oils lubricate moving engine parts to reduce friction, protect against corrosion, and prevent heat buildup. Additives clean, improve efficiency, and protect moving parts against wear. Fuel stabilizers and fogging oils lubricate fuel systems to inhibit clogging formations. Power steering, starting, and transmission fluids improve efficiency and protect these functions. 2-cycle and 4-cycle fuels are a mixture of lubricants and gasoline or other additives used to protect small engines and increase running power. Flushes penetrate systems to clear blocked lines. Grease and lubricants prevent corrosion on metal surfaces. Vehicle UV leak detection dyes, oils, and coolant additives help detect or deter fluid leaks in systems.