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Vehicle Engine Maintenance

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Vehicle engine maintenance products repair and replace worn parts in the engine assembly. Vehicle belts mount onto pulleys to transmit power between rotational shafts in automotive applications. Belt tensioners maintain constant tension on the belt in an automotive accessory drive system. Belt idler pulleys work with automotive belts to maintain tension and position them away from obstacles. Brush-on electrical tape is a liquid adhesive to brush on electrical connections to insulate wires and prevent shorts and electrical shock. Air intake hoses connect the vehicle's air-box to the intake manifold to deliver air flow to the engine. Fuel valves control the flow of fuel from the vehicle's fuel tank to the engine. Power steering line accessories include the hoses and fittings needed to deliver hydraulic fluid in the power steering assembly. Repair sealants fill holes, cracks, and gaps in damaged vehicle engine components to prevent leaks until repairs can be performed. Vacuum line caps seal open vacuum lines to prevent outside air and contaminants from entering vacuum systems that draw air into the cylinders and power various vehicle systems.