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Tire Repair

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Tire inflators and deflators equipment fill or release air from tires to achieve the correct pressure levels. Tire inflator gauges fill tires and check tire pressure in one unit. Tire chucks connect to the end of an air compressor tool that inflates, deflates, or checks the air pressure of a tire. Tire valve maintenance products replace worn parts and improve tire valve performance to prevent pressure loss. Tire pressure gauges press onto tire valves to measure the air pressure (PSI) in the tire. Tire tread gauges measure the tread depth to determine if tires need to be replaced. Tire patching products repair minor tire punctures. Tire buffing wheels remove debris from tire surfaces to create smooth and clean working areas to apply a patch. Tire bead sealers and lubricants are liquids and compounds that help support tire replacement and ensure a tight bead seal.