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Wire & Cable Management

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Wire and cable management products organize and protect electrical wire and cables in high-traffic areas. They comply with safety codes, allow for troubleshooting, and help maintain performance. Wireways, cable ladder, wire mesh trays, surface raceways, carriers, and wiring ducts route and protect wire and cable. Corrugated loom tubing organizes and protects bundles of conduit against abrasion, friction, impact, and environmental elements. Cable sleeves, wraps, and ties secure wire and cable into bundles. Cable ramps and floor covers shield cable and hose to reduce tripping hazards and prevent damage due to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Cable pulling grips, mesh grips, and safety springs support or facilitate pulling cable in trenches and conduit. Heat and cold shrink tubing seals around wire, cable, and connectors to protect and insulate them. Cable reels for teach pendants keep cables safely contained in robotic systems.