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Surface Raceways & Cable Concealers

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Surface raceways are cable management systems that mount on walls, ceilings, or floors within small areas. They consist of channels, fittings, and accessories that carry wire and cable from space to space. Raceways keep wire and cable organized and prevent damage or kinking. Because they mount on surfaces, they don't require extensive cutting into walls. They're often used with power, data, and control wire and cable in spaces like conference rooms, labs, or hospital rooms. Single-channel raceways are used for simple conduit runs. Multichannel surface raceways have multiple divisions and are used when different types of wire or cable need to be routed separately. Low-profile overfloor raceways prevent tripping while keeping wire and cable discreetly concealed. Prewired outlet raceway strips include wiring and multiple outlets. Outlet power poles bring power and communications wiring from the ceiling down to workstations and equipment. Cable concealers and guards hide and protect wire and cable.