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Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink Tubing

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Heat shrink and cold shrink tubing are sleeves that form a tight seal around wire, cable, and connectors and are used for protection, insulation, and repairs. Heat shrink tubing requires an oven, hot air gun, or blowtorch to shrink and seal it. All purpose heat shrink tubing can be used across a wide variety of applications. Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing has an adhesive core that melts when heated to create a moisture-resistant barrier. Heat shrink and cold shrink tubing assortment kits include different sizes or colors of tubing or multiple tubes in the same size. Heat shrink end caps are placed over cable ends, while heat shrink breakout boots are placed over the point where wire splits off from cable. Cold shrink tubing shrinks when an inner core is pulled from one end after the sleeve has been positioned over the bundle. It does not require heat or tools for installation.