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Corrugated Loom Tubing

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Corrugated loom tubing is flexible with alternate ridges and grooves. Also known as wire loom, it covers wire and cable, and it keeps bundles of conduit organized while providing protection against abrasion, friction, and some types of environmental damage. Corrugated loom tubing is often used in electrical, automation, vehicle, and mass-transit applications. It can be cut to length for custom installations. Standard corrugated loom tubing has a solid wall to provide fully enclosed protection of wire and cable. Split corrugated loom tubing has a lengthwise slit to facilitate adding or removing wire and cable. Continuous-flex corrugated loom tubing is more flexible than other types of corrugated loom tubing, making it suitable for robotics applications. Cobot cable tubing kits include the parts needed for a cable tubing installation on collaborative robots, or cobots.