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Cable Sleeving & Wraps

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Cable sleeving and wraps fit over wire, cable, and hose to bundle and protect them. They prevent damage to conduits and reduce the need for repairs and replacements. Cable sleeving and wraps are ideal for tighter spaces and are more visually appealing than corrugated loom tubing. They're used across a variety of applications, including robotics, welding, construction, and hydraulics. Standard cable sleeving has a solid wall and does not expand. Expandable cable sleeving stretches, so it's ideal for large conductors or long runs. Wraparound cable sleeving is open along its length and closes with adhesive, a hook-and-loop strip, or attaches to itself. Cable harness sleeving and cable spiral wraps have slots or openings that allow for breakouts. Cable wrap sleeving tapes wrap around cable and hose for abrasion protection.