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Cable Ramps & Cable Floor Covers

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Cable ramps and cable floor covers shield cable and hose to reduce tripping hazards and prevent incidental damage due to pedestrian or vehicle traffic. They're suitable for temporary and permanent indoor and outdoor applications, including warehouses, parking lots, offices, and entertainment venues. Drop-over cable ramps are placed over cable and hose that run along the ground. Lay-in modular cable ramps allow cable and hose lines to be placed inside them to keep the lines off the ground, and they have an interlocking design for custom lengths. Light-duty pedestrian cable covers are ideal for areas with foot traffic but are not suitable for vehicle traffic. ADA accessibility ramps comply with ADA requirements to ensure smooth crossover for wheelchairs and pedestrians with disabilities. Cable and hose bridges protect cable and hose lines against pressure from heavy vehicles and allow for smooth vehicle passage over the lines.