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Wire & Cable Management

3,458 products

Wire and cable management products organize and protect electrical wire, network cable, power cable, and other wiring in high-traffic areas. They comply with safety codes, allow for troubleshooting, and help maintain performance. Cable ties and mounts bundle and support wire and cable. Cable hangers, clips, and organizers are used for mounting cable and wire to a surface. Cable support mesh grips, pulling grips, and safety springs support or facilitate pulling cable in trenches and conduit. Wire ducts and cable trays securely fasten and support cable and raceways. Cable and hose carriers help guide and organize moving cables and hoses and protect them from dirt, debris, and other environmental factors. Cable cover protectors and ramps cover cable to protect it from abrasion and impact. Cable sleeves and spiral wraps secure wire and cable into bundles and protect them from abrasion. Heat shrink and cold shrink tubing create a tight seal around wire and cable. Wire and conduit labeling identify different bu

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