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Industrial Power & Communication Cordsets

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Industrial power and communication cordsets supply power to equipment and enable communication between devices. They have molded connectors and outer sheaths that protect wires from water and dust, extreme temperatures, mechanical stresses, and electromagnetic interference. Actuator and sensor cordsets send control signals between automation equipment, actuators, and sensing devices. Encoder cordsets transmit encoder output from sensors to motion control systems. Solenoid valve cordsets relay electrical signals between control systems and solenoid valves to control the flow of liquid or gas. Ethernet and fieldbus cordsets carry data signals, are commonly used to create local area networks (LAN), and connect control systems to sensing devices. PNP-NPN converters transform PNP signals to NPN signals to link mismatched signaling between control systems and sensors. Preassembled automation cable cordsets consist of continuous-flex automation cables and connectors.