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Grounding Rods, Braids & Connectors

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Grounding and bonding products help prevent the unsafe buildup of static electricity, reducing the risk of electric shock to workers and damage to equipment through explosions or fires. Grounding connects a circuit to the earth or another large conductor for protection. Bonding creates electrical connections between two conductive parts. Grounding braids are flexible and ensure positive ground throughout an electrical panel or from machine and equipment components. Grounding rods connect electrical systems to the ground to safely dissipate electricity to the earth, often in outdoor applications. Pipe, rod, and wire grounding clamps connect conductors to pipe, rod, wire, and other materials. Isolated ground bars connect multiple grounding wires in tight spaces such as cabinets and enclosures. Grounding strips, busbars, and kits ground conductors inside electrical enclosures. Grounding crimping connectors join multiple wires to rods or rebar.