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Circuit Breakers & Accessories

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Circuit breakers protect electrical systems in the event of an overload or short circuit. Also known as circuit protectors, they shut off the power when the levels get too high in order to prevent personnel injury or damage to equipment and circuitry. Unlike fuses, they can be reset to resume normal operation. Miniature circuit breakers have low current ratings and may be mounted in panelboards and load centers, on DIN rail, or on the front of an electrical panel. Molded case circuit breakers have current-carrying parts, mechanisms, and trip devices that are completely contained in a molded case of insulating material. They have higher interrupt ratings than miniature circuit breakers. Hazardous location enclosed circuit breakers are used where hazardous materials are handled or stored and are fully enclosed to prevent sparking or water damage. Circuit breaker accessories are used to mount, protect, or enhance the functionality of circuit breakers.