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Extension Cord Reels

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Extension cord reels are spools that hold extension cords for convenient access and storage when providing temporary power to devices located some distance away from a power source. They protect the cord from wear and damage, minimize tripping hazards, and help prevent tangling and kinking. The desired length of cord is pulled from the reel to reach equipment, and when power is no longer needed, the cord is wound back around the reel. Self-retracting and motor-driven cord reels automatically wind extended cord back on the reel, while hand-winding cord reels have a handle or knob for winding the cord manually. Lighted cord reels hold power cords with attached lamps to provide illumination in dark environments. Hazardous location cord reels are for use in environments where electrical equipment can cause a spark that leads to fire or explosion. Retractable cord reels come with or without extension cords and can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or workbench.