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Voice & Data Connectors, Jacks & Housings

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Communication connectors and kits include tools that attach connectors to cables and hook voice and data equipment up to networks and services. Ethernet switches have many ports that accommodate multiple devices and connect them with local area network service. Fiber optic adapters have ports that pair with specific connector types to hook equipment and devices up to fiber optic power lines. Fiber breakout kits separate lines so they can be plugged into ports. Voice and data connectors install on the ends of compatible cables to connect equipment and devices. Voice and data housings install on electrical boxes and provide connection points for snap-in or keystone jacks. Voice and data jack boxes have ports for connecting voice, data, and audio-video cables. Voice and data outlets, boxes, and faceplates create a neat and finished appearance for voice, data, and audio-video installations. Wiring blocks provide connection points for joining wires to telephone and network services.