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Enclosures Accessories

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Choose the enclosure hardware you need to help protect and improve the performance of your electrical equipment. Grainger has a variety of lighting accessories, plus connectors, filter fans, and fan filters for many electrical enclosures. We also have lock accessories to help improve safety and prevent tampering. Need electrical enclosure hole seals? Find the seals you need in a number of materials, hole diameters, conduit sizes, colors, and finishes. Electrical enclosure window kits allow easy viewing of interior components and parts to detect problems without removing the panel. Easy-to-install louver plate kits let you create an intake for venting/cooling. Cable and pipe seal can help protect and seal pipes and cables in most electrical enclosure applications. The pipe seal can be used with industrial enclosures and utility devices, and can protect cables from corrosion, ground freeze, and seepage. It can also be used in an enclosure cooling device or inside an enclosure panel.