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Strut Channel & Components

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Strut channel products provide light support in wiring, plumbing, and mechanical applications. Strut channel makes up the backbone of the framing system. It can be connected together with bolts and other fittings, and it has inward-facing lips for mounting components. Plate and angle connectors allow additional pieces of strut channel to be joined on in different configurations. Base posts are used for fastening strut channel to the floor. Shelf brackets and braces mount or support sections of strut channel. End caps and covers encase conduit and provide a finished appearance. Nuts, washers, and bolts are used to add threaded rod or connect strut channel together. Trolleys allow for overhead suspension and movement of loads along strut channel. Hangers and clamps mount strut channel to beams or slip onto the lip of top-opening strut channel to attach conduit, pipe, and cable. Electrical boxes mount directly onto strut channel and are used to connect wires to each other.