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Hazardous Location Conduit Fittings

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These conduit fittings make connections for heavy-wall RMC and medium-wall IMC metal conduit in hazardous locations. They form a tight seal to protect wire and cable in areas such as petroleum refineries, gasoline storage areas, and petrochemical facilities. Conduit unions, expansion unions, and nipples join pieces of conduit together or to electrical boxes and enclosures. Elbows join two lengths of conduit at an angle to change the direction of a conduit run, while capped elbows have a removable cover that opens on an angle. Flexible couplings are ideal for areas where movement or vibration occurs, or a difficult bend is required in a conduit system. Sealing fittings hold wires in a conduit and can help prevent the passage of gases, vapors, or flames from one portion of a conduit system to another. Access fittings have an opening for the wire or cable inside. Reducing bushings adapt narrow, threaded conduit to fit in larger knockouts. Blank plugs seal openings in fittings or any other female fitting that is not closed off after the conduit system is constructed. Drains and breathers prevent or release condensation.