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Beam Clamps & Conduit, Pipe & Cable Mounting Supports

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Beam clamps, and conduit, pipe, and cable mounting supports provide support for conduit runs. They're often used to suspend conduit overhead or to attach conduit to existing surfaces. Beam, wire rod, and purlin clamps and clips suspend from beams, flanges, and other profiles. They’re used with conduit and pipe hangers, and wire or threaded rods to support overhead runs. Conduit and pipe surface-mount clamps support installations along walls, equipment, and other surfaces. Conduit, pipe, and cable beam mounts install on beam flanges to support overhead installations. Conduit, pipe, and cable wire rod mounts position conduit, pipe, and cable on wire rod to keep runs organized. Conduit and cable stud mounts install on wall studs to support or position conduit and cable installations. Conduit, cable, and box hangers provide support for horizontal electrical boxes as well as conduit and cable in a single assembly.