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Conduit, Fittings & Strut Channel Framing

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Conduit, fittings, and strut channel framing organize, route, and protect wire and cable. Conduit is a plastic or metal tube that protects wire and cable from environmental and impact damage and prevents people from touching wire. They're used across building, structural, and industrial applications. Each type of conduit has specific fittings that connect conduit together or connect conduit to enclosures and devices. The fittings are not interchangeable among conduit types. Beam clamps, and conduit, pipe, and cable mounting supports provide support for conduit runs. They are typically used to suspend conduit overhead or to attach conduit to existing surfaces. Strut channel framing provides light structural support for wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components. It can also support lighting systems, connect to walls and beams, or be used to build shelves and racks. It's often used in the electrical and construction industries.