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Floor Scrubbers, Floor Polishers, Burnishers & Floor Pads

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Floor scrubbers, polishers, and burnishers use compatible floor pads or brushes to prepare and polish flooring surfaces in commercial, educational, and healthcare facilities. Floor scrubbers remove dirt and residue from flooring with brushes and preparation tool attachments. Floor polishers, also known as buffers, floor machines, and swing machines, clean, buff, and polish floors with compatible floor pads. High-speed burnishers create a high-gloss shine on finished floors and polished concrete surfaces when used with compatible burnishing pads. Floor machine pads attach to a variety of floor machines to replace worn pads or adapt the machine for different cleaning or finishing tasks. Rotary brushes scrub floors to remove dirt and debris. Abrasives for floor polishers, burnishers, and accessories grind and polish concrete, stone, and terrazzo floors to create or restore a high-gloss finish. Pad drivers and clutches allow a floor machine to attach and drive a compatible pad or brush with even pressure and consistent contact. Floor machine accessories and replacement parts enhance the use and function of floor machines and replace worn or damaged components in compatible machines.