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Laundry & Fabric Care

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Laundry and fabric care begins with the laundry detergents that remove dirt and stains from clothing and linens in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and other on-premise laundry facilities. Fabric softeners include liquids that are added during the rinse cycle or dryer sheets and balls added to the dryer to soften fibers, reduce wrinkles, and reduce static. Laundry bleach, detergent boosters, and odor eliminators are added to the wash cycle to break down and remove dirt and stains, whiten whites, brighten colors, and eliminate unpleasant odors. Use fabric stain removers prior to laundering to remove grease, blood, grass, oil, and other tough stains. Water-repellent fabric protectors repel water on contact to keep clothing, shoes, and outdoor items dry. Washing machine cleaners provide maintenance by reducing grime and odor-causing residue.